An Open Letter To My Friends by Debbie Cook

An Open Letter To My Friends by Debbie Cook.


“My Name is Ulf and I’ve Had Enough”

"My Name is Ulf and I've Had Enough".

The Shark has left the Boat – Helena Kobrin’s Repayment Request from the FSSO

Yep, It’s true!  The Shark (aka the Cof$ lawyer Helena Kobrin) has decided to swim for her life.

The following dox are what was sent to me by the Church of Scientology’s Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) Chaplin Henry Breuer.  I had requested from the FSSO a repayment of the monies I donated to them for OT-8 and OT9 which turned out to be a corruption of LRH’s original works and intentions.  It was altered by David Miscavige and his RTC/OSA spiritual wreaking crew.  A lot of this information is available on Marty Rathbun’s outstanding Independent Scientologist’s blog:

At first when I received the documents I thought they were a bit strange since they had Helena Kobrin’s name listed.  But I just figured since she was the person I was in communication with about my Repayment requests from the FSSO and Flag Service Org (FSO)(The Church itself in Clearwater,Florida) that I would fill out the forms (which I did, the actual forms I signed and mailed back per the instructions on those forms).

So without further adieu…  Here’s the DOX!! (The links are also provided at the end of this post [and by the end of this week, most of the Internet 🙂 ].)

Helena Kobrin’s FSSO Repayment DOX (notice they were addressed to me) — (

FSSO emails between the FSSO Tech Sec Krister Nilsson and myself asking for needed clarifications about the refund/release/waiver forms that were sent to me instead of Helena Kobrin — (

Villager’s Wanted!

This is the initial request to all Independent Scientologists and everyone who wishes to discuss the current situations occurring with the Corporate Church of Radical Scientology (you know, the one that has DESTROYED L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology).  Please feel free to enjoy your communications about the current scenes and have some fun while you are at it.  No TROLLS (well maybe if they behave 😉 ).

I wish to thank Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder and all of the other Independent Scientologists who have helped me and others to see what-the-F has been happening to LRH’s Scientology since David Miscavige has hijacked Scientology’s Church and turned it into a spiritual death camp.  A total 180 degree REVERSAL of Dianetics and Scientology as LRH created it.  I could go on right now but this is just a start.

So, my fellow villagers…  Let the fun and adventure begin!


P.S.  Stay tuned for some good shit to follow!!