The Shark has left the Boat – Helena Kobrin’s Repayment Request from the FSSO

Yep, It’s true!  The Shark (aka the Cof$ lawyer Helena Kobrin) has decided to swim for her life.

The following dox are what was sent to me by the Church of Scientology’s Flag Ship Service Organization (FSSO) Chaplin Henry Breuer.  I had requested from the FSSO a repayment of the monies I donated to them for OT-8 and OT9 which turned out to be a corruption of LRH’s original works and intentions.  It was altered by David Miscavige and his RTC/OSA spiritual wreaking crew.  A lot of this information is available on Marty Rathbun’s outstanding Independent Scientologist’s blog:

At first when I received the documents I thought they were a bit strange since they had Helena Kobrin’s name listed.  But I just figured since she was the person I was in communication with about my Repayment requests from the FSSO and Flag Service Org (FSO)(The Church itself in Clearwater,Florida) that I would fill out the forms (which I did, the actual forms I signed and mailed back per the instructions on those forms).

So without further adieu…  Here’s the DOX!! (The links are also provided at the end of this post [and by the end of this week, most of the Internet 🙂 ].)

Helena Kobrin’s FSSO Repayment DOX (notice they were addressed to me) — (

FSSO emails between the FSSO Tech Sec Krister Nilsson and myself asking for needed clarifications about the refund/release/waiver forms that were sent to me instead of Helena Kobrin — (


7 responses to “The Shark has left the Boat – Helena Kobrin’s Repayment Request from the FSSO

  1. It’s hard to believe that a lawyer like Kobrin would swim away from a bleeding cash cow like the Cof$. I guess she must have found her speck of a heart had a beat or two left in it.

  2. Nice blog Gary…..and a very interesting post …when the rats leave the boat it’s a bad sign but when the sharks leave I would think it must be really bad.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks! 🙂

      Yeah, you can bet I was surprised when I got the FSSO letters and I say Kobrin’s name and mine. Thought it was strange but as she was on my lines for denying my request for repayment of OT8 and OT9 but I just filled out the paper work and got no reply. I then queried the FSSO Tres. Sec. about it and he told me it was a mistake.

      All sharks will swim off eventually when they’ve had enough cash cow.


  3. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Gary — Great to see another villager blogging!

    How are you progressing with your refund?

    I did everything I was told to do, filled out the routing form, signed all the waivers, and I got back a denial saying all my payments were donations and I’m not entitled to repayment of anything. This was from Dallas org.

    Any tips on how to proceed??

    • Hi Cindy,

      It’s good to see you also! 🙂

      I did receive my repayment from the FSSO but it was for acommodations and bookstore accounts only. They (via Helena Kobrin and FSSO) gave me the same bullshit excuse as you got. But you have to persist and point out that others have received repayments. Search on Marty’s blog earlier this year for comments from Watching Eyes. There was info about how to get your money back.

      Gary 🙂

  4. Nice blog you have here ;). The news is yummy

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